Spidertec Solutions


Opening in fall 2018, Spidertec Solutions will offer a range of IT Services, Smart Automation Systems (both commercial and residential), LED signage, and a Geek Kid Club. Stay tuned for more information soon!

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Coming soon to Greenbank Hunt Club Centre!

Infographic for Spidertec Solutions

Spidertec Solutions will offer:

1) IT Services including Remote Management - Security - Managed Antivirus - Patch Management - Backup

2) Smart Automation Systems using the latest technologies for both Commercial and Residential applications. Including Security Systems - Fire Alarm - Sound System - Water Leakage - LED Lighting - Sprinkling Systems (indoors and outdoors).

3) LED signs: the latest in cloud-based regular and irregular LED signage.

4) Geek Kid Club - a place for under 16s to learn about tech, practice coding, etc.

Primary Contact

Ahmed Elgohary, info@spidertecsolutions.com

Location of Spidertec Solutions

Spidertec Solutions Location map

Directions to the Centre