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With more than 80 sweet and savoury creations originating in her kitchen, Susan Phipps has created a bakery that is impressive by any standards. The fact that each and every one is 100% gluten-free is truly outstanding. The best part: every item is deeply delicious and full of nutritious ingredients, a true revelation for anyone who has had to eliminate gluten from their diet. Baked goods and prepared meals, hot bistro lunch items to enjoy in the store, and gluten free items for your pantry at home. It's all here. The Joy of Gluten Free, with its own dedicated ventilation system, is 100% wheat, rye and barley free as well as peanut-free. The menu includes many delicious items for vegan diets and the lactose intolerant and includes a growing number of sugar-free selections. Come in and find out more about The Joy of Gluten Free: fabulous food everyone loves.

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The Joy of Gluten Free makes one-stop shopping a delicious breeze

West Ottawa bakery has the largest selection of in-house gluten-free products in all of North America

Susan Phipps has made it her mission to give cause for celebration to those who've had to give up gluten and other food allergens. One look around her bakery & bistro at Greenbank Hunt Club Centre makes the success of that mission immediately clear. One taste, and even those who can tolerate gluten are immediately sold on Phipps' promise to deliver homemade delights just like your mother or grandmother used to make.

The chalkboard menu seems impossibly long and delicious, listing savoury pies and quiches, cakes and sweet pies, cupcakes and squares, tarts and cookies, breads, buns and waffles, as well as a hot lunch menu that features paninis, quesadillas and personal pizzas.

There truly is something for everyone and for every meal of the day, making The Joy of Gluten Free a one-stop shop for anyone eating gluten-free or stocking a kitchen. Baking supplies, including two all purpose 'house' flour blends which are sold in bulk, and pantry staples make preparing your own meals a delight, while a wide range of prepared meals and baked goods make taking a break from cooking duty a genuine treat.

There is also something for every season, including the 90 pounds or so of flavourful homemade stuffing, pull-apart bread, and countless scones and pies that Phipps and her team prepared for Thanksgiving orders.

The business has received some highly welcome media coverage and continues to grow along with the demand from customers both local and further afield. That growth includes a second location as well as the continuous recipe development that is a hallmark of Phipps' kitchen. Phipps is grateful to the owners of Greenbank Hunt Club Centre for providing support and encouragement when she opened the original location in Ottawa's west end, and she's thrilled to continue serving her customers at the Centre.

Current bestsellers, regardless of the season, include lemon curd tarts (based on an historic Laura Secord recipe), meat pies (including tourtiere), a yeast-free sourdough loaf, and the bakery's now famous donut muffins.

Phipps' own favourites include marzipan squares, quinoa crunch cookies, and dulce de leche blondies. She's also sweet on the yeast-free sourdough bread (made with a culture that she created 18 months ago) and garlic focaccia!

Come to the Joy of Gluten Free for just a cup of coffee and a sweet treat, for lunch, with a home shopping list, or catering requirements for an event - Phipps and her team are ready with an endless list of delicious possibilities.

Profile published October 2014.

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